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The Squirrel


I found this on my Facebook page from back in the fall. I’m finally starting to laugh about it so, I thought I’d repost it here.

Beautiful day – sunroof open – left open at lunch to keep car cool. Left for work & drove a little ways down College St. when a killer squirrel jumped from the back seat up the passenger door. I screamed like an alley cat in mating season which sent the dang squirrel doing 360s all around my car. I stripped my gears & looked like a cat thrown into a bathtub trying to get out of my car. Some poor man was walking his dog down the sidewalk & started yelling “what’s wrong?” I’m in tears yelling “Squirrel! Squirrel!” (Hopefully that’s all I was yelling, I’m not really sure). He opened my doors for me & it shot out like a cannonball. Then, his dog went bizerk & chased the squirrel. He’s my hero and I don’t know his name. Hopefully, I didn’t give him a heart attack! I’m just sayin – if that squirrel had jumped on my head, that poor man woulda smelled the smell of something smelly!

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